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2022/2023 Strategic Plan

Why do we exist?

Love God, love others, follow Christ

How do we behave?

Compassion, acceptance, inclusivity, humility, love, honesty and Joy

What do we do? 

Behold, I Make All Things New…" We gladly welcome you to our parish, trusting that ...  if you are seeking Christ you will find Him here,   if sorrowing you will receive comfort,   if troubled in spirit you will receive the blessing of peace,

  if discouraged you will rejoice in hope,   if friendless find companionship and Christian love. That these and other blessings may be your portion is our prayer.

How will we do it? 

Four strategic anchors:

Grow wider

Grow deeper

Exceptional weekend experience

Layers of empowered leadership

Grow Wider

  • Increase attendance 

  • Increase number of hospitality ministers 

  • Increase use of kitchen and hall with more social activities 

  • Advertise and promote breakfast program 

  • Increase social media presence  

  • Increase flocknote membership

Grow Deeper


  • Service - increase number of volunteers

  • Tithing - increase weekly collection donations 

  • Engagement - increase participation in small groups and catechesis 

  • Prayer - increase number of devotional opportunities 

  • Spread the word - create an invest and invite strategy

Weekend Experience

  • Hire a music director,

  • increase participation in music program

  • Document ministry procedures

  • Increase number of volunteer ministers

  • Purchase screens for sanctuary

  • Increase training in use of ministry scheduler


  • Create a 5-year plan and 5 year budget

  • Create a parish pastoral council

  • Create a parish organization chart

  • Fill organization chart with qualified leaders

  • Increase participation in all ministries

  • Create a communication and meeting plan

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