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Welcome to our small group information page!


Are you interested in deepening your faith? Are you interested in connecting with others who are curious about their faith in a non-judgmental way? St. Alexander's is a school of love. What better way to learn more about that love than to join one of our small groups?


Click on any one of the links below, and you will be taken to our Flocknote mailing list for the individual group you select. From there, you will be notified by email with more information about each group.


We only have a few small groups starting up, but more are on the way. It's the next logical step to deepening your faith and experiencing the true joy of authentic Christian life. 

Alpha is a basic introduction to Christianity. We will run the program for 11 weeks starting in Lent and a shorter youth program in the fall. 

Stay tuned: More groups are on the way

Our parish hospitality room is open every Tuesday at 6:30 pm for praise and worship and small group discussions about any current topic in church teaching. Topics are chosen by the group. We are currently watching Bishop Barron's video series on the Eucharist. 

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