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Please fill out this form even if your child does not go to St. Alexander School 

2023-2024 Confirmation Information


Confirmation Ceremony: Thursday May 9th, 2024, 7:00 pm.


Confirmation is about the descent of the Holy Spirit on the 12 apostles at Pentecost and upon your children at confirmation. They will receive the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit (wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.) which will help them live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Here is some additional practical information: 


Confirmation Program and Journey: 


We have a very rich and meaningful confirmation program planned for you and your children. Our main resource for preparation will be Decision Point from Dynamic Catholic. Each student will receive a Decision Point workbook and we will go through it in the classroom and after some of our morning Masses and sometimes on Saturday evenings in the Church after our Saturday Mass. We are also planning a retreat on October 24th at Jericho House in Wainfleet, at no cost to you or your family. Bussing will also be arranged by the school, more information and registration will follow. Here is a brief outline of our catechetical (“churchese” for teaching) program: 


Confirmation classes in Church after the 9:00 am Mass on Wednesdays: 

  • Wednesday, October 11th 

  • Wednesday, November 22nd

  • Wednesday,January 31st

  • Wednesday, March 6th


Confirmation Retreat: Tuesday October 24th @ Jericho House


Special video and pizza nights on Saturdays: 

  • ​​Saturday, November 18th, with a special inscription ceremony welcoming our young people to our confirmation program

  • Saturday may 4th: with a special blessing in anticipation of our upcoming confirmation.


Confirmation Rehearsal: Wednesday May 8th @ 9:30 pm (after morning Mass)


Confirmation: Thursday May 9th @ 7:00 pm

Here is some additional information and requirements: 


Baptism Certificates: If you are baptized outside of St. Alexander’s parish, please upload a copy of your baptismal record with the online registration form or drop it off at the Church or with your teacher. Those baptized at St. Alexander’s should be on file at the parish, if we can't find it, we will contact you. 


Confirmation Inscription ceremony: All parents, children and sponsors are welcome to attend a special inscription ceremony on Saturday November 11th at the 5:00 pm Mass. Your children will be asked to stand and be recognized in the congregation to the sound of thunderous applause! Then we will offer our parish blessing upon them as they make this incredible first step.


Confirmation stoles and dress code: Instead of gowns this year, we will purchase confirmation stole kits for the candidates to put together on their own and keep. There is no cost for the stoles this year. 


Confirmation Sponsors: Confirmation candidates may pick their own sponsors. Sponsors have to be 16 years or older, can’t be their parents and must be catholics in good standing. Candidates will be learning about this more as the year progresses, there is no rush. 


Confirmation rehearsal: We will conduct a confirmation rehearsal for the candidates on Wednesday, May 8th after the morning Mass. 


I am looking forward to getting to know your young people as we journey together and encounter the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 


Fr. Paul MacNeil

Pastor, St. Alexander Parish

Cell: 905-933-9386

Office: 905-892-3090

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