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We are a Roman Catholic community of faith in Fonthill dedicated to welcoming everyone to the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

Reaching out so Jesus can reach in.

We want to invite you, whoever you are and where ever you are coming from, to come experience faith with us.

Mass Schedule 

Saturday, 5 pm

Sunday, 9 am and 11 am

Weekdays, Monday to Friday, 9 am

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Mass Intentions

Saturday, 5 pm

†Karl Tatzel & John Condon, by Timothy & Barbara Tatzel

†Albert Albano Jr., by Nancy Gobbi & family

†Terry MacDonald, by Ruth Dallas

†Dora Pacheco, by Rosemary & Mike Andrus

Special intention of Suzanne Guglielmi, by Ivana Wilson

Special intention of Michael Wilson, by Jack & Ivana Wilson


9 am

†Enno Ferrara, by Ferrara family

†Ernie Greco, by Ferrara family

†Cathie Bachynski, by Bachynski family

†Jerry LaPine, by Imelda McDermott

Special intention of Jane Durotoye, by family

11 am

Pro Populo (for the people) 

Weekdays, 9 am


†Rosemary Hunter, by Irma Ruiter

†Shirley Dunbar, by Pat & Gary Green



†Sean Andrus, by Rosemary & Mike Andrus

Special intention of David Green, by Green family



†Tim Roman, by Fred & Simone Boichuk

†John Van Hezewyk, by Toni Van Hezewyk & family



†Cecelia Pine, by Debbie Pine & family

†Sean Andrus, by Andrus family



†Jerry LaPine, by Penny Bartok

†Leo Van Hezewyk, by Toni Van Hezewyk & family

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